There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself look good. That’s precisely why laser liposuction treatments have become such a big hit among men and women who want to look a little (or a lot) leaner. The treatment works by first cutting a small incision over the problem area, which destroys the fat cells with heat from a laser fiber, and then suctioning out the removed fat with a suction cannula. Because laser lipo is a lot less invasive than other fat reduction and removal procedures, it has gained quite some popularity through the years.

Are you prepping for your first laser lipo treatment? Find out what you should and shouldn’t do before the procedure for a safe, speedy, and effective treatment.


  1. Lay Off of the Cigarettes – According to research, cigarette smoking can significantly limit a body’s ability to recover and heal. While laser lipo treatment doesn’t necessarily require slicing and stitching, the small incision and the insertion of instruments can cause some bruising and swelling. To make sure that you heal on time, prepare your body for what’s coming. Lay off of cigarette smoking for two weeks if you’re a casual user. Do it for 4 weeks if you’re a chronic or heavy smoker.self-med-hf
  2. Avoid Certain Medications – Your doctor will take a complete medical history before they even consider you eligible for the treatment, so they’re likely to run down the different meds you should avoid taking before you get a laser lipo treatment procedure. Some maintenance medications such as those used for high blood pressure might be contraindicated. But this often depends on what your specific doctor suggests. However, as a general rule, medications that thin out your blood should be avoided at all costs. Blood with the wrong consistency can negatively affect the blood clotting and healing process, which can make you bleed more than you should even if the procedure entails just a small incision.1_444eeb20-005a-467a-a2a9-b3c366a68347
  3. Get Active – Specialists suggest that their clients perform exercises that will burn at least 500 calories before they undergo the treatments. Because laser lipo treatment works to zap away fat reserves, working out will help mobilize the cells being targeted as opposed to having them addressed while they’re dormant. Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, your doctor may suggest that you burn more or less than the general requirement, so be sure to ask how much you should aim for beforehand.

Follow these three tips if you want to get the most out of your laser lipo treatment procedure and help yourself achieve a safe and healthy recovery by preparing for it the right way.