Prostate cancer awareness

From common symptoms to treatment options, a complete lesson about prostate cancer is a must for every man. Ranked third in the most common forms of cancer among Singaporean men, prostate cancer occurs when there’s an unusual growth of tissue within the prostate, also known as the gland that releases prostatic fluid or semen. While there are many facts and figures that address the risk of prostate cancer among Singaporean men, it’s best to stay informed about its warning signs and treatments.

  1. Prostate cancer has no early symptoms. According to Singapore Cancer Society, prostate cancer is ranked third after colorectal and lung as the most common types of cancer. Despite the high statistics, most men are not aware that prostate cancer comes without any symptoms. While prostate cancer is likely to strike the older gents aged 80 years old and above, there is a high percentage of men who battles with this life-threatening form of cancer without any realization due to the absence of warning signs. Therefore, men are encouraged to undergo frequent rectum examination to detect them before it is too late.
  1. Warning symptoms arise during the later stage of prostate cancer. When facing with urinary hesitancy, there’s a likelihood that it is triggered by prostate cancer. While the early stages of prostate cancer can go undetected, more symptoms will arise during the later stage such as sharp pain or burning sensation during urination, traces of blood on semen or urine, and painful discomfort on the lower back and hips. Men are advised to act quickly when dealing with these symptoms to detect the possibility of prostate cancer.
  1. Healthy eating and exercising reduce risk. Similar to most medical conditions, the best methods to decrease the risk of prostate cancer is through healthy eating and exercise. Recent studies have proven that men who consume more vegetables will reduce chances of getting prostate cancer when compared to men who enjoy meat in their daily dietary. For starters, add tomatoes or other food with high Vitamin D nutrient into everyday meals. Additionally, sweating out with frequent exercise also makes a great health booster in the long run.
  1. Prostate cancer treatments are plenty. Treatments for prostate cancer in Singapore may be plenty, but they are also known for its high-risk factor. As a result, medical practitioners would first observe the tumor growth before proceeding with further medical treatments. Some of the proven ways to treat prostate cancer include prostate removal surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy. However, these treatments also come with various side effects that range from urinary incontinence and testosterone suppression.


Prostate cancer may be ranked as the top three cancer types in Singapore, but it’s surprising to discover that most men are not aware of its symptoms and treatments. Understanding the warning signs and available therapies are essential to detect prostate cancer early. Aside from undergoing rectum examination on a regular basis, maintaining an excellent health through healthy eating and staying in shape are one of the few ways to lower the risks of prostate cancer.