Lasik surgery is quickly becoming one of the most popular procedures in treating several types of eye problems. This sensitive procedure is being offered by some eye clinics in Singapore. However, before you decide to go through the treatment, there are certain things that you should be aware of. These important reminders include the following:








  1. You have to go through a series of consultations before you will be allowed to undergo the treatment

You should know that not everyone is eligible for the treatment procedure. It’s for this reason that you are required to undergo several tests to ensure that your are fit for surgery. It’s advisable that you honestly answer the questions of the attending physician. For instance, you should disclose if you are taking medications, if you have other illnesses, or if you have been through the same surgery in the past.








  1. It’s an effective and efficient procedure for refractive problems

If your eye condition is caused by refractive errors, then Lasik surgery is a great option for you. Eye problems caused by refractive errors include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.








  1. It’s fairly painless and more convenient compared to other types of eye surgeries

Aside from a little bit of irritation in the eye, you won’t feel anything during the entire procedure. Furthermore, the surgery lasts for about 30 minutes or even less.







Close-up of man's hand using calculator and stacks of dollar bills

  1. Cost of surgery range from $2000 to $5500 SGD

The price you pay depends on the rate of the clinic you go to, as well as the extent of the treatment. Suffice it to say that the price of Lasik surgery in Singapore varies depending on these factors. Keep in mind as well that the fee for the consultations may be separate from the surgery itself.








  1. You might be required to wear an eye shield for a week after the procedure to prevent accidental eye rubbing

If you rub your eye too much, there’s the risk that you might dislodge the flap in your eye that has been fixed during the procedure.



The bottom line here is that Lasik eye surgery is truly effective and has long-term effects. Statistics show that the surgery has a success rate of more than 90%, which is quite high. It’s an option that you should seriously consider if you are suffering from any form of eye defect or condition.