Problem With Breast Implant Procedures

breast augmentationIf you receive breast enlargement treatment in Singapore or anywhere else, you should be diligent in making sure that your surgery go perfectly smoothly. This is why it’s so crucial to always do ample research prior to selecting a doctor for this cosmetic procedure. If you’re worried that you may have been given a botched breast enlargement procedure, you should seek a trusted medical professional as soon as possible to get the situation checked out. Various signs can often point to botched breast augmentation procedures.


Unusual Implant Firmness

If you’re concerned that your surgeon may have botched your breast implant procedure, feel your implants. If they feel unusually firm and hard and not at all soft and natural like ‘normal’ breasts, then it may be a sign that you need another surgery. Surgery may be necessary to extract the implants. You can also decide to get surgery to get new implants in to replace the problematic ones, as well.


Breast Implant Ruptures and Leaks

Leaks in your breast implants can also sometimes signify botched surgeries. Saline and silicone breast implants both can potentially lead to rupturing. Ruptures can be triggered by mistakes surgeons make while performing surgery. If you received saline breast implants, you may notice shifts in the shape of your breasts throughout the span of several days. This occurs as a result of leakage. Although silicone implant ruptures are indeed possible, they’re generally markedly more difficult to detect. Women who have silicone implant ruptures may develop breast lumps. They also may experience the discomfort of swelling, soreness and aching in the breast where the rupture happened.

Breast Implant Ruptures

breast implant rupture


Discrepancies in Size

If you notice that your breasts don’t appear anywhere near the same size after you get breast enlargement surgery that could indicate a botched procedure. If your right breast is significant larger than the left one, or vice versa, alert your plastic surgeon to the situation as soon as possible. You may need to receive a correction procedure to even out the size of your breasts.


Problems With Implant Positioning

Noticeable problems with breast implant positioning can also appear in people who receive enlargement procedures. If you look at your implants and realise that one breast is situated significantly higher up on your chest than the other one, for example, then that’s a sign that there is indeed a problem with the positioning. Notify your plastic surgeon of this issue immediately if you have it.


Skin Wrinkling

If you’ve just experienced a botched breast augmentation procedure, you may even have conspicuous skin wrinkling directly on your implants. If you look at your implants only to observe that the skin on it seems far from smooth and even, then skin wrinkling could be the trigger.


!Take Action Immediately! 

The sooner you observe signs of a botched breast augmentation procedure the better. Visit a reputable breast enhancement centre in Singapore, approach your surgeon, and tell him about the unusual signs you’ve noticed. You may need to schedule implant removal or revision surgery, for example. If you don’t fully trust the capabilities of the surgeon who initially performed your procedure, seek the advice of another trusted doctor available to you. Some tips for safe surgery and rapid breast augmentation recovery


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