Eye operations are some of the most sensitive procedures one can undergo. The danger lies not just in the procedure itself, but also in the postoperative period. While LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) poses a much lower chance of postoperative complications than other eye operations, care should still be especially taken to ensure one’s eyes recover completely.  As in any operation, there are some important things to keep in mind.




1. Avoid showers and harsh soaps

First, the patient should avoid taking showers and opt for bathing to better protect the eyes. Soap suds and other chemicals can lead to infection, or aggravation of the newly-operated eyes.




2. Keep away from dust and direct sunlight

You should also keep the eyes protected from dust and direct sunlight at all times. This can be easily accomplished by wearing sunglasses, or clear eyeglasses that protect the wearer’s eyes from all angles. Only go outside if really necessary.




3. Relax your eyes

As much as possible,  avoid straining your eyes. Try to stay away from taxing tasks at work, especially those that require you to stare at computer screens for a very long time.




4. Avoid contact with the eyes

It is a must that you avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. You may use an eye cover when sleeping to prevent from rubbing the eyes while asleep. A safety transparent glass can also provide extra safety for accidental bumps.




5. Strictly follow the doctor’s prescriptions

You should also follow the prescribed medication given by your doctor to avoid infections or complications. Do not attempt self-medicating. Usually, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and other medications.




6. Pay your doctor a visit

Always visit your eye doctor according to the schedule given. It is best that you keep your scheduled visits so your doctor can detect irregularities or infections the soonest time possible. If you try LASIK today, the doctor may ask you to come back after 3-4 days in order to remove a bandage contact lens.




7. Balancing eye activity

It is best to take things slowly. No strenuous activities for you yet. Avoid activities that can strain the eyes such as reading, watching TV and even driving. However, do not sleep too much either. You must exercise your eyes once in awhile.  The eyes are more sensitive than most parts of the body, and yet they are among the most used. It is easy to forget that they are vulnerable in their postoperative stage.