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Hair loss is a natural but annoying occurrence in the human race. Both genders will agonize over hair loss once the first signs appear. In Asia, statistics would show that hair loss is already affecting a higher percentage of the population. Singapore hair loss centres take cognizance of the hair loss problems besetting its populace. In addition, hair care is increasingly gaining weighty prominence in the minds of both genders.seborrheic-dermatitis-hair-loss

To help you deal with hair loss problems better, let us share some insightful information and valuable advice :

  1. Remove the common notion in your mind that hair loss comes with aging. Genetics plays a key role. If hereditary, hair loss can commence even at an early age not just during the middle-age years. Hair loss is a natural event in the course of your life. Not just losing a few strands but a whole bunch.
  2. The difference in the make-up of the male and female is evident when it comes to hair loss. High levels of testosterone in men make them more susceptible to hair loss than women. On the other hand, the dip in progesterone levels in women after childbirth will cause hair thinning or hair loss. Major factors such as climate and environment can cause hair loss for both.
  3. Aside from the harmful elements in the environment, human-induced factors such as stress, fatty food diet, and cigarette smoking are the root causes of hair fall and hair loss. Healthy hair is also indicative of one’s overall health condition.
  4. Outside of the natural or genetic happening, hair loss may be attributed to diseases and drug-related issues. Cancer patients for example usually go bald after and during chemotherapy sessions. Patches of hair loss happens when there is fungal infection in the scalp. Dandruff cause irritation as well as a result of vigorous scratching of the scalp. Hair does not grow back over permanent scars.
  5. While it is true that hair loss cannot be prevented, advances and breakthroughs in medical research paved the way for modern hair treatment procedures. Hair follicles can be cultivated to slow down baldness and restore hair growth. If you are experiencing hair loss problems, you can consult the hair experts in Singapore hair loss centres to assess the extent of your problem. An appropriate treatment plan can be drawn up to nip your problem in the bud.
  6. Effective treatment plans are available to overcome your anxieties. Hair transplants, hair weaving, hairpieces or wigs are some of the options to deal with hair loss. For lesser degrees, medications like minoxidil can be prescribed to achieve desired results. Hair transplant is the most costly as it is permanent.7a029b81b64564667a6d337f4b339d3e

Hair loss is not exclusive to one gender. There is male pattern baldness as well as female pattern baldness. Both are distressing because it affects physical appearances. It destroys one’s self-confidence too. Thankfully, be comforted in the fact that hair renewal aesthetics is here to stay.