Hair Loss

Excessive and unnatural hair loss can cause a lot of emotional distress, regardless of men or women, and may lead to esteem problems or even depression if unchecked.

Hairloss.SG provides comprehensive information about hair loss from the Singapore prespective, including about Alopecia – which can be due to old age, genetics, medical conditions, malnutrition or medications like chemotherapy.

We also list 5 simple tips to minimize or prevent hair loss, e.g. taking vitamins, using the correct hair products, reducing alcohol consumption, drinking plenty of water and avoiding complex hairstyling.

In addition, we work with Beijing 101 to provide help to anyone with chronic hair problems.

Beijing 101’s hair loss treatment method was developed by Chinese dermatologist, Dr. Zhao Zhangguang, in 1986 and has been used to treat over 10,000 patients. It is based on traditional chinese hebs and modern medicinal technologies. In addition, Dr. Zhao’s hair growth tonic has been consumed by more than 8,000,000 patients globally since it was developed in 1974.

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