Undergoing Plastic Surgery on the Breasts

Women unhappy with their bodies have several options available to improve the condition of their breasts to look better while wearing revealing and tight clothing. It is possible to visit spas where there are knowledgeable aestheticians who offer breast enhancement treatments that are safe and easy. It is also possible to undergo surgical procedures to change the size, shape or texture of the breasts to enlarge or firm these body parts. Plastic surgery on the breasts is a common request from small busted women who feel self-conscious about their appearance. There are two main types of surgical enhancements available, including:

• Breast lifts – mastopexy procedure to remove excess tissue and tighten muscles
• Breast augmentation – insertion of implants underneath existing breast tissue

For either type of surgery, a surgeon must make incisions to adjust tissue or add implants. In some cases, the surgeon can insert implants into a tiny incision in the navel to prevent noticeable scars. A woman requires sedation and local anaesthesia for these types of surgeries and several weeks of recovery time while wearing compression garments.

breast enhancement treatments that are safe

Fractional Laser Treatments

Of course, many women want breast enhancement without undergoing surgery, and there are ways to improve the appearance of the breasts without incisions. At an aesthetic clinic, a client can receive fractional laser treatment on the breasts in several sessions spaced a few weeks apart that can increase breast size. The sessions for this form of breast enlargement are fast and painless, making it a popular choice for small busted women.

Fat Transfer into the Breasts

Another option for increasing bust size with a minimally invasive procedure is fat transfer, using a woman’s own body tissue to avoid infection or complications. An aesthetician can suction fat from bulging areas of a woman’s body such as her buttocks, abdomen or thighs with a liposuction procedure before immediately injecting the substance into each of the breasts. A bonus of this fat transfer is that it is two procedures at once with a woman reducing bulges in one area of the body while increasing bust size.

Massaging or Pumping the Breasts

Improving blood circulation by stimulating the breasts can increase size by firming muscles and lifting sagging tissue. Massages from trained massage therapists can stimulate breast tissue over several weeks to increase size and firmness gradually. In addition to manual massages using the hands or small implements, it is possible to use pumping devices that increase the strength of supporting breast tissue. This process requires multiple sessions to see significant results.
Herbal Supplements and Diet

Herbal supplements containing wild yam, ginseng and fenugreek can also improve the appearance and size of a woman’s breasts with natural aestrogen. Adding certain types of foods to the daily diet has a similar effect. Good foods to consume for breast enhancement include avocados, sunflower seeds and nuts.

Application of Creams and Lotions

The application of specialised breast creams, lotions and emollient oils can also stimulate breast tissue to increase size. Creams typically have ingredients such as essences from plants that have high-levels of aestrogen. These products are absorbed directly into skin tissue during a gentle massage that is designed to lift sagging breast tissue.

Wear Supportive Bras

An important aspect of breast care is always wearing the appropriate size and style of bra. For extra support, a woman can choose to wear two bras while exercising. She can also insert artificial pads over her own breasts to create a larger appearance. When wearing clothing with a low-cut neck, it is possible for women to apply makeup in their cleavage in a particular way to make the breasts look larger.