LASIK eye surgery is a procedure performed by licensed doctors to correct different problems that clients might have with their vision. The process entails creating a thin flap in the cornea of the eye using a laser, and then removing part of the underlying tissue. Eye specialists in Singapore are highly skilled and trained, and the technologies they use are by far some of the most advanced in the world. But there are some things that you should still ask to ensure a safe and effective surgery.

Be sure to ask your doctor these 5 questions before you get LASIK and find out just what the process entails.


  1. What should I do to prepare for the surgery? – There are certain practices you should and shouldn’t do prior to having your eyes corrected with LASIK. If you use contact lenses, you should switch to wearing your glasses for at least 3 weeks before the surgery. Contact lenses can change the shape of your cornea, making it challenging for the doctors to make the right plans. Your doctor might also tell you to cease the use of any makeup, lotions, creams, or other products used around the eyes to decrease the risk of infection post-op.


  1. Should I expect any side effects? – It’s possible to experience itching, redness, burning sensations, and discomfort post operation, but these are normal reactions of the body. It’s important that you ask your doctor all the possible side effects and how to deal with them, so you can recover quickly and without problem.


  1. When will my vision stabilize? – Depending on the case, it can take several months before a patient’s vision stabilizes after LASIK. Some complain of blurred vision, glares, halos, and other visual symptoms that occur and persist for up to three months after the procedure. Ask your doctor when you should seek supplementary treatment if the symptoms persist for too long or if you’re experiencing difficulty in managing your day to day.


  1. What personal hygiene practices should I perform? – When bathing, it’s important to avoid getting the areas around your eyes wet with water and soap to prevent any contaminants from entering. Your doctor might tell you to wash your hair in a sink to avoid getting your eyes wet for too long. Aside from this, your doctor may also recommend a special cleaning solution for your eyelashes to thoroughly remove dirt that could cause infection.


  1. How often should I come back for check-ups? – Your LASIK eye surgery may have been a success, but you still need to visit your doctor regularly for check-ups to see how well your eyes are recovering and adjusting. You should see your doctor within the first 48 hours after surgery and then at consistent intervals for 6 months. Depending on your case, you may need to see your doctor more or less often.


Ready to go under the laser? Clear up the fog surrounding LASIK eye surgery and see the bigger picture by asking your doctor these 5 important questions.