It happens. Sometimes, you just walk into a salon, get a super short do thinking it will improve your look, and then regret it all in the morning. Most of us have been there. While short hair can be a good look for some, most of us still want long, vibrant, lustrous hair. If you’ve recently cut your hair too short for comfort and you’re trying to figure out how to make hair grow faster, these 5 surefire tips should give you that glamorous mermaid hair vibe in no time.Print

  1. Snip It – Contrary to popular belief, going to the salon to get the tips of your hair frequently snipped off will help you grow longer hair faster. How? By preventing split ends from working up the shaft and damaging more of the length of your hair, you can skip out on chopping off more length due to damage.2 2. Skip Shampoo – Instead of washing with shampoo every time you shower, schedule it every other day. This will allow the natural oil from your scalp to coat and nourish your hair, keeping it healthier to encourage growth.3 3.                Take Care of Your Length – Hair that goes up to and beyond the shoulders is much weaker than shorter hair, causing it to be prone to damage and breakage. To prevent shortening of hair due to fall out or damaged shafts, take care of the length you have by using oil treatment regularly.4 4.   Include Supplements – Hair growth supplements are ideal for people who want to grow hair fast because it provides the necessary vitamins and minerals that help to encourage hair growth and health. When buying hair growth supplements, be sure to look for those that incorporate Vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as Biotin, Iron, Zinc, and Protein.5 5.   Avoid Salon Treatment – If you’re trying to grow out your hair, make sure to steer clear of salon treatments. Coloring, permanent texture changes, and other treatments that require a lot of chemicals can stunt growth and prevent hair from increasing in length. While you’re in the growing process, be sure to care for your hair naturally and skip out on coloring sessions for the meantime.

Getting a haircut that’s much too short can make you feel endless regret, but don’t worry – hair will grow. Be sure to put these 5 tips into action to help your hair grow longer faster and achieve beautiful, lustrous, and flawless locks in no time at all.