Muay Thai is a serious sport and a form of discipline that goes beyond simple exercising. While it is true that a lot of Muay Thai students get into it for fitness, there is also a competitive side to it. Most students can’t wait to spar with a fellow student or competitor to see whose skills or moves are better. It’s a natural adrenaline high, and people say there’s nothing quite like it.

Muay Thai originated in Thailand but has spread in popularity all over the world. You can quite easily find a Muay Thai gym in Singapore near your home, school or place of work.

But before you enroll in a Muay Thai gym, here are 3 things you should look:


  1. The Right Equipment

There are large gyms and fitness centers which offer Muay Thai classes. While their building may be big and the water pressure in the showers are strong, they could be lacking in the right training equipment. If this is the case, you might want to look for a gym that specializes in boxing and Muay Thai training. There should be plenty of punching bags and protective gear when you come in for a visit. Likewise, you should expect to see several boxing rings. When you do, then you know this gym means serious business.


  1. A Program for Beginners

There should be a well-defined process or course for beginners. A good gym will not throw in a newbie into the mix of old students and hard core Muay Thai competitors on their first day. As with anything, there should be enough time to acclimatize and learn the proper form before students are allowed to spar. It also depends on a person’s fitness level. If a student comes in after years of being sedentary, expect the first week of training to be more about cardiovascular exercises and weight training. It is important to condition the body first before subjecting it to what could be grueling routines.


  1. One-on-One Coaching

Each student works at his or her own pace. This is why Muay Thai is rarely offered as a group class. When a person signs up at the gym, you can either be assigned a personal trainer to handle you or you can approach any available trainer when you arrive. This also means that you may have to schedule your training classes or sessions. One-on-one coaching and personalized training will allow a student to develop his or her strengths and work on problem areas, like form or balance, on a regular basis.

These three are just the basic things to consider when scouting for a gym for Muay Thai classes. Remember that you’ll be spending a good deal of time here, so choose a gym that you really like.