It’s rare to come by a woman with big, full breasts in Singapore, and in the rest of Southeast Asia for that matter. That’s mainly because this quality doesn’t necessarily run in their genes. Unfortunately, the society puts an importance on the breasts size in defining how a woman should (or should not) look . Without the full, round shape perched perkily on their chest, some women can feel a lack of confidence, and might even struggle to find the right clothes. Many women just learn to live with it, but many prefer to take matter into hands. If you want to find a way to resolve the issue, you may want to consider a breast enhancement surgery instead. Already made up your mind? Be sure to prepare for the procedure with these 5 must-know pointers.

  1. One is Never Enough – Lots of women go under the knife thinking that they will have perfect breasts for the rest of their lives, but that’s not actually the case. Up to 25% of women who get breast augmentation in Singapore have another surgery within 10 years after the first, because the implants don’t last forever. What’s more, things like pregnancy, weight loss, and personal preference also play a role in changing implants.
  2. Prices aren’t Always Exact – When you ask for a price quotation from your doctor, they’re likely to give you the cost of the surgery itself. That’s exclusive of any hospital charges, anesthesia, facilities, and materials that will be used during the surgery. So if your doctor quotes you a certain amount, be sure to have some extra cash on hand for other charges. breast-augmentation-roland-new-york
  3. Recovery Depends on Implant Placing – Women who opt to have their implants placed over the muscle can expect to get back to work after a week. But that also depends on whether or not their job requires manual labor. If the implants are placed underneath the muscle, recovery could take a little longer.
  4. Transitions are Necessary – Lots of small-breasted clients ask if they can hop from an A to a double D all at once, but that’s not medically possible. it’s important to give the skin and underlying structures some time to expand and adjust with the changes, so there should be a gradual change in size. Surgeons will often recommend that you move up a few sizes first, and then increase as you go along through the years.
  5. It’s Not for Everyone – Doctors will gladly provide the procedure to those who fit the bill, but anyone who might be at risk of complication is unlikely to get a go signal. Those with a history of breast cancer, who are obese, or who smoke aren’t possible candidates for the procedure because it could give rise to more issues and might compromise their health and recovery.

Are you ready to make the change? Get informed before going under the knife to get the best out of your breast augmentation.