One of the most sensitive indicators of beauty is having a smooth and even skin. However, not everyone is lucky when it comes to having one. Some people think once they get rid of an acne, they will be free from the cosmetic burden that it causes, but what they don’t know is they will actually be experiencing more challenging stresses to come–post acne hyperpigmentation problems. As a solution, many people nowadays go crazy trying and mixing products on their face because of the snappy promises that these life-saving products guarantee.
So to save you from those annoying scars and dark marks, here are known remedies to get rid of them:1
1. Skin Lighteners Because the main problem is hyperpigmentation per se, you need a solution that could decrease the discoloration. Lighteners are effective on reversing post acne hyperpigmentation problems especially those marks that are brownish in color. From lotions to creams, skin lightening products can prevent further facial problems.2
2. Sunscreens If you are the kind of person who loves going to the beach, then sunscreens should be your ultimate handy savior. Intensive sun exposure can worsen the scarring on your face. With the help of sunscreens, they can decrease the inflammation, thereby reducing the redness.3
3. Retinoids Good for healing, retinoids appeal on the skin’s cell division. It works by allowing the cell to divide quickly and at the same time remove cells with hyperpigmentation problems. However, retinoids are not advisable to be used in the morning because they make your skin more vulnerable to the heat of the sun. Therefore, this is best applied at night before going to sleep.4
4. Topical Vitamin C Vitamin C is an effective wound healer and at the same time a facial scar remover. The collagen contained in Vitamin C facilitates the healing process. Once the vitamin is absorbed, collagen is built and the skin is rejuvenized.5
5. Laser If the scars and marks are red, lasers fit to solve the problem. In a laser treatment, a part of the damaged tissue will be burned to remove those unwanted marks. Though it may sound invasive, this treatment had lesser side effects such as redness and swelling.
The skin is one of the most vital parts of the cosmetic world. People have been investing a lot just to maintain a young and smooth glow. Beauty comes when you know how to take care of your skin. Take cues from these 5 ways to keep your skin scar free for a more confident you.