maxresdefault (1)The skin plays an important role, shielding your delicate tissues beneath from harm. Therefore, if you are having a skin problem, you should take it seriously. It can lead to more serious illness such as allergies and even skin cancer. Read on and discover five top tips that will help you keep your skin healthy, flawless and acne-free.BCbkH07CMAAB75f

  1. Get Sweaty

It doesn’t smell good, but sweating is an effective way to eliminate toxic chemicals out of your skin. The good news is, living in Singapore makes you constantly sweating. Or if you don’t, try doing activities such as cycling, regular run, gardening or a gentle exercise in the morning that can improve your skin condition. Now get up, do some movement and get sweaty! But always stick to your skin-care regimen so that your skin stays clean.good-diet-healthy-food

  1. Change to A Healthy Diet

When it comes to food, Singapore is surely one of Asia’s most popular culinary destinations. So it is understandable if you find it hard to avoid any of the food on the table. But for the sake of your skin, please choose healthier food, especially one that provides more to your skin health. Science has revealed that some nutrients in your diet can help your skin repair itself faster. Get your potassium intake by eating bananas, grapes and vegetable soups. Make the most of vitamin A, C, and E to boost collagen production. Tofu, milk and dairy products are high in calcium. Water is crucial, so you should drink plenty of plain water. Don’t forget to avoid fluid-depleting substances such as alcohol, tea, and coffee.f72fb72e4a4b75ba549db68151b7928a

  1. Natural Skin Treatment

You can also apply nutrients externally to improve your skin health. Aloe vera helps treat dry skin efficiently. Olive oil is excellent in refreshing and hydrating the skin without greasy effect. Just apply some aloe vera gel or olive oil to your skin every day in the evening. Honey works as nature’s antibiotic, an antibacterial agent, and is very effective at treating stubborn wounds. Nowadays, instead of doing facial at home, you can easily find a good beauty salon or spa for facial in Singapore that provides natural treatment.banner4

  1. Get Green Protection

Healthy skin is a moisturized skin. Do you know that plants can evaporate water from leaves into the air during transpiration process, making your skin beautiful and moist? That’s why you should start making friends with plants. Planting a few houseplants and putting them in your house will do the treat. Now you can have a healthy, beautiful skin and contribute to enhancing Singapore’s greenery at the same time. Isn’t it great?people-need-use-sunscreen_342fdca0bb8ab04a

  1. Use Sunscreen

You should love the sun because it boosts the body’s production of vitamin D that is essentials to the skin wellness. Luckily in Singapore, you get exposed to the sun every day! However, exposing your skin too much to sunlight is seriously dangerous. Therefore, if you have to go out in the sun for longer times, you should apply some sunscreen cream to protect your skin. The best sunscreen product is the one with sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or more. The one with broad-spectrum is also important, to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Make sure the sunscreen covers your skin well and re-apply every two hours, even if it’s labeled waterproof.

Some people say that small changes can make a big difference. Try at least one of the tips today for the sake of your skin and see the difference. All the best!